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Shivaji Maharaj Quotes in Hindi images - Gujju Powers 00
Shivaji Maharaj Quotes in Hindi images - Gujju Powers 00

Shivaji Maharaj Quotes in Hindi images

Everyone knows about Srimanta Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, one of the heroic sons of India. many of us call him the Hindu heart emperor, while some people call him Maratha pride, while he was the good general of the Indian Republic. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born within the Maratha family on 19 February 1630. Some people state his birth in 1627. His full name was Shivaji Bhonsle.
Shivaji was the son of father Shahaji and mother Jijabai. His birthplace is that the fort of Shivneri, located near Pune. an effort to determine a universal independent rule out the entire of India was made by the exclusive priest of independence, Veer Pravar Shivaji Maharaj, to free the state from foreign and militant state power. Similarly, he’s accepted as the number one hero and immortal insurgent. Like Maharana Pratap, Veer Shivaji was a living symbol and symbol of nationalism. Let’s realize Srimanta Chhatrapati Veer Shivaji.
Shivaji wasn’t anti-Muslim: Shivaji has been accused of being anti-Muslim, but it’s not true that his army not only had many Muslim heroes and fighters, but also many of us like Muslim Sardars and Subedars. In fact, the entire struggle of Shivaji was against the bigotry and arrogance which was maintained by rulers like Aurangzeb and people who grew up under his shadow.
In the summer of 1674, Shivaji pompously sat on the throne and laid the inspiration for independent sovereignty. He freed the overbearing Hindu masses. Although the Christian and Muslim rulers wont to force their votes on the bulk of the people, they might do extra, while in Shivaji’s rule the places of worship of both these sects weren’t only protected but also the fear-free atmosphere for the converted Muslims and Christians. got ready. Shivaji ruled for 6 years through his council of eight ministers. Many Muslims were also involved in his administrative service.
Name: Shivaji Bhonsle
Date of Birth: February 19, 1630
Birthplace: Shivneri Fort, Pune district, Maharashtra
Parents: Shahaji Bhonsle (Father) and Jijabai (Mother)
Reign: 1674–1680
Spouse: Saibai, Soyarabai, Putalabai, Sakvarbai, Laxmibai, Kashibai
Children: Sambhaji, Rajaram, Sakhubai Nimbalkar, Ranubai Jadhav, Ambikabai Mahadik, Rajkumaribai Shirke
Religion: Hinduism
Death: April 3, 1680
The seat of Power: Raigad Fort, Maharashtra
Successor: Sambhaji Bhonsle
Shivaji Maharaj Quotes in Hindi images
Shivaji Maharaj Sayings
Shivaji Maharaj Quotes in Hindi images
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