Best Lord Shree Ram Stock Pictures, Photos, and Images Status Wallpaper Images

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Best Lord Shree Ram Stock Pictures, Photos, and Images Status Images

Shri Rama was worshiped everywhere the planet by people, emperors, and Kings within the past during ancient times; and other people worldwide followed Sanatan-Vedic-Dharma (Hinduism) once. There are many pieces of evidence — archeological and linguistic — in support of this there was influence of Vedic Hinduism everywhere the planet once e.g. the invention of half-man half-lion deity belonging to 38000 BCE period (40,000 Years old) during a cave named Stadel-Höhle in Hohlenstein (Stadel subside Hohlenstein Mountain) within the Lonetal (Lone valley) within the Swabian Alb, Germany. There was another news of an ancient Vishnu idol found during an excavation in an old village in Russia’s Volga region.

Vedic Hinduism was the traditional religion of this west-Asia. In world war-I, Indian soldiers while coming back from Egypt, Libya, etc, saw ancient remains and carvings of Bhagavan Shri Rama and other Hindu gods. Here is one among those ancient remains and carvings from Iraq:( wallpaper images )

Best Lord Shree Ram Stock Pictures, Photos, and Images Status Images
Here is one among those ancient remains and carvings from Iraq is shown within the image right side. this is often an ancient rock carving found in Silemani province, Kurdistan, Iraq. many of us claim this to be an ancient depiction of Bhagavan Sri Rama and Hanuman, which seems to be quite clear and obvious. Regard to this carving: Beside Qelat, the town of Ranya also has another hill which is named Girde Dêma. Also, there are many other historical remains therein district like Shimshara, which is investigated in 1957 – 1959 by a Danish archaeological team with the cooperation of an Iraqi team. it’s counted together of the oldest hills within the history of the citizenry. quite 247 ancient remains are found therein hill with a temple. Besides, there are many other hills within the place like Bazmusian, Boskin, Dwgradan, Kamarian, Qurashina, and Dema. And, there are tons of other remains like rock carvings that are located within the right a part of Darband to the east of Ranya. That carving may be a structure of a person, which is assumed to be a king of Goths or Lolos. The width of this historical carving is a few meters and 60 centimeters and with a peak of 20 meters. within the later years, Ranya also features a special history.

Best Lord Shree Ram Stock Pictures, Photos, and Images Status Images

The name Egypt springs from Ajapati, named after Aja, Shree Rama’s grandfather. Etymologically, The title of Egypt’s ancient rulers, the dynasty of Rameses, with the Sanskrit words “Ram Eisus,” meaning “Rama-the God” means Rulers were the descendants of Shri Rama-God.

The Egyptian pharaohs had names like Ramses I, Ramses II, etc and lots of Egypt Kings were Vaishnavas. Egyptians king were referred to as Rameses and Queens were also named after Sita sometimes. Perhaps it’s because Shri Rama was universally renowned as a perfect King, and therefore the almighty incarnated himself. the traditional Egyptians considered their rulers to be the incarnations of God.

One of the famous Egyptian queens was queen Sitamen.

There is an image of Egyptian statue of a person, originally produced within the book Egyptian Myth and Legend, on page 368, the Egyptian statue of a person wearing robes and practically covered with Vishnu tilak and sandal paste, the type which the Shri-Vaishnava sect (in which Shri Rama is that the principal deity) uses in India. also as within the book ‘Long Missing Links’ a picture of a pharaoh of Memphis is Published during which The pharaoh is additionally using tilak a bit like the Shri-Vaishnavas.

Triad of Egyptian Gods: Amun (or Raman or Rama), Mut/Mat (beautiful wife of Amun, ‘Mata’ Sita?) and Khonsu, perhaps associated with Shri Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana respectively. In ancient Egyptian Civilisation, Amun was related to Sun-god ‘Ra’, so he was called Amun-Ra (indicative of Rama, Raman born in sun-dynasty), Amun-Ra was the all-powerful supreme creator god of all beings and everything during this world, who was hailed because the most compassionate and therefore the one who always comes at the voice of the poor in distress. Amun-Ra is hailed because the one whose forms are greater than every other god, from whose eyes mankind proceeded, from Whose mouth the Gods were created (almost Vedic description of the supreme Purusa). Amun-Ra was the blue-complexioned god, wore Eagle or Garuda emblem on his head, and he was depicted with a “sacred river” emerging from his feet. Amun-Ra was the King of the gods and therefore the master of the god of the wind, similarly in whole Hinduism only Shri Rama is hailed because of the King of all the worlds (supreme king of the gods) also because of the Lord of Hanuman (the son of wind-god). Khonsu is described because the son of Amun and Mut, in Ramayana, Lakshmana Ji was asked by his mother Sumitra to serve Sita and Rama thinking them as his mother and father respectively. Lakshmana always regarded Sita as a mother and Shri Rama, his elder brother as his father. In ancient Egyptian cosmology, Khonsu is described because the “Great Snake who fertilizes the Cosmic Egg for the creation of the world”. Lakshmana Ji is additionally described because of the manifestation of Ananta-Sesha (the great serpent) who supports the whole cosmos.

Best Lord Shree Ram Stock Pictures, Photos, and Images Status Images

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