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Jay Khodiyar Maa
Jay Khodiyar Maa

Jay Khodiyar Maa

Khodiyar Maa Wallpapers, Photos & Images Free Download Status

Mamad Ji Charan had good relations with the then ruler Maharaj Shilbhadra. The ruler’s ministers envied this exceptional relationship and hatched an idea to urge obviate Mamad Ji. They weren’t very successful at persuading the ruler, but they succeeded in persuading the ruler’s wife, the queen. One day, the doorkeepers didn’t let him enter the palace.
When Mamad Ji asked for the rationale, he was told that a childless man doesn’t deserve the king’s presence. Mamad Ji returned home and wanted to ask Lord Shiva for help. When Lord Shiva didn’t appear, he decided to offer his life away as a final sacrifice. Just when he was close to killing himself, Lord Shiva appeared and took him to the Snake Kingdom – Nagaloka to ascertain the King of Snakes – Nagadev. After hearing his story of humiliation, Nagadev’s daughters decided to assist too. When Mamad Ji came home, together with his wife he prepared, as advised by Nagdev’s daughters, eight cradles in expectation of an excellent event. Later thanks to the boon of Lord Shiva and Nagdev he has blessed seven sisters and a son. one among the daughters was Khodiyar Maa.
They were raised as fearsome warriors and always wore black clothes in memory of their native place, the Naglok. Therefore, they got the names as cobra sisters or Nagnechi within the local language and were also the tutelary deity of the royalty of the erstwhile Marwar state. After showing many miraculous powers, people consider her to be a goddess and she or he has temples and shrines too altogether of the northwestern parts of the Indian subcontinent. Her vehicle is that the crocodile and she or he has many other names like Khodal, Trishuldhari, Maavdi. Khodiyar is taken into account as a daughter of Charan. Her temples are found everywhere Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Mumbai, but the foremost important four are – Matel Near Wankaner, Rajpura village near Bhavnagar, Galdhara near Dhari and tataniya Dhara near Bhavnagar.
Khodaldham is that the massive under-construction temple of “maa khodiyar” approximate area of fifty bighas. it’s located near Kagvad [Gujarat, 360370], off the Jetpur-Virpur road section on NH27. it’s located on the brink of Khambalida Buddhist caves. Khodiyar’s temple at Matel near Wankaner is large and other people gather on the riverbank near the temple to ascertain a crocodile, the goddess’ mount. The place is found about 17km north of Wankaner, and 26km southeast of Morbi. Sprawling Khodiyar Mataji temple at Rajpara village (Rajpara Dham) is equally popular. it’s located about 18 km west of Bhavnagar city. there’s a lake near the temple referred to as Tataniya Dharo, and for an equivalent reason, the goddess is additionally referred to as Tataniya Dharawali.


Jay Khodiyar Maa Wallpaper 
 Jay Khodiyar Maa Wallpaper HD WallPaper
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Jay%2BKhodiyar%2BMaa Jay Khodiyar Maa Image | Khodiyar Maa Wallpapers, Photos & Images Free Download Status
 Jay Khodiyar Maa Wallpaper


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